Stuck on the Sidelines


A weighty glass ceiling got shattered today.  1st women’s coach in the NBA, 1st in the 4 most major professional sports. Cyd Zeigler's right, this is Becky Hammon's win and her doing.  We can honor Coach Pop and his progressive thinking, Jeff Fisher for not failing prey to the notions of Michael Sam being a distraction, and to Branch Rickey who dared to fight racist practices and hire Jackie Robinson, but let's not forget the true heroes who earned their places in sports and sports history.

Story Telling vs Story Taking →


 This article resonates so hard with me. 

Trusting my story to journalists has been a blessing and a curse: I am grateful for - and often actively seek out - opportunities to share my story and fulfill what I feel is my own person obligation to providing visibility to trans* athletes, but I know that once told to a reporter, my story is out of my hands. ”

"Visible" often turns into exposed, vulnerable.

How much accountability should we place on the media for the particular words and phrases they use? How much should we push back? How much is it our responsibility to educate the general public - and the journalists themselves - on what trans is and isn’t, on which questions are appropriate or not?

When are we going to move beyond the basics?

Thanks to everyone who has put themselves out there.

Story Telling vs. Story Taking. Honest and valid analysis.

Male, female, or athlete? →


Torre,Pablo S., and David Epstein. “The Transgender Athlete.” SI Vault. Time Inc. A Time Warner Company, 28 May 2012. Web. 17 Sep. 2012.

This article profiles several transgender athletes and recounts their struggles to participate in their chosen sport. It details their relationship issues…

"Genitalia has no impact on performance."

'Wendy Williams Show' Hosts Transphobic Panel About Transgender Athlete Chloie Jonsson →

May it so be dubbed as “gender failing.” When a cisgender person has vocalized or published an opinion about a trans person with no grounded evidence or expertise in the area they are claiming. In this case, Wendy Williams is “gender failing” in sports and assuming a gender essentialism that does not exist.